Why Choose A Corporate Program?

Corporate golf programs offer unique opportunities to help market/promote your company to sustain and improve customer/employee relationships. Programs are designed to help people of your choice to improve their games and have fun. You will find our programs to be very cost effective and they leave long lasting positive impressions. Our professional staff are the best available and continually promote your company during your chosen golf activities. We also offer industry exclusivity.

Uses and Benefits

Points to Consider

Why not take my clients or staff to a big name golf school in the U.S.A.?

Below you will find a list of our most popular corporate programs. Please note that we can tailor any other golf program not mentioned to meet your specific needs.

Our Corporate Programs

Bill McDougall Golf Schools offers a variety of corporate programs.

Choose one of the programs below or work with us to design your own program!

Detailed Descriptions

Exclusive VIP Golf School

This very popular program is designed to provide a very special golf day or days, to some very special customers. This program involves three very special clients and your company representative who usually acts for them. It also includes a qualified C.P.G.A. teaching professional. The day, or each day consists of instruction in the morning and/or early afternoon, with 18 holes of golf to follow.

The instruction will be tailored to each individual's needs at a relaxed pace. The use of the latest computer driven video/audio techniques will be extensive. A framed photo with each players golf swing will be included for a nice follow-up shortly after the golf outing. If more than one foursome is requested there will also be a qualified professional to look after their instruction needs. In other words, a ratio of 4:1 in all scenarios. We have experienced that a maximum of four foursomes per outing creates the best conditions for interaction and a feeling of exclusivity.

The venues for these golf outings can vary… e.g. Wolf Creek and Northern Bear close to home or a nice getaway to Victoria or Kelowna in the early spring, or anywhere warm in the winter months. The main consideration for any given venue would be a proper teaching facility.

An Exclusive Golf Outing For A Very Special Foursome!

Short Game Schools

Learn all the important disciplines that will enable you to develop a reliable short game.

Putting, Chipping, Pitching, Sandplay, Greenside Trouble Shots

These one day schools will teach you easy to learn short game systems that are designed for players that do not have a lot of time to practice. These short game systems will add a whole new dimension to your game and allow you to substantially lower your scores. These schools are usually held on Sundays throughout the spring and early summer however, we can book any day that suits your scheduling. Your company can personalize each school with a minimum of 8 students. The maximum number for each school is 18.

These schools are extremely popular so we encourage you to book ASAP.

Special Swing Clinics

These clinics are designed to accommodate a group of golfers who will all receive valuable swing tips and individual instruction. In a group setting, Bill demonstrates the most common swing faults and how to correct them. These clinics get people involved in a non-threatening atmosphere that encourages people to interact and enjoy the day.

Bill will answer all questions about the swing and how it applies to each individual. He will demonstrate how body shapes and flexibility can shape your swing motion. This is the most sought after swing information in golf instruction today.

These clinics work best with 8-12 participants and usually last between 3-4 hours.

Swing Analysis Gift Certificates

This has proven to be one of the most popular promotions to date. Gift certificates are produced and personalized with your company logo and are offered to your clients who might be having a little trouble with their games or perhaps they would just like a tune-up. It’s a great little thank-you that can give huge returns and all for about the same cost as buying lunch.

Each gift certificate is good for a swing analysis session. Bill will tailor each session to your clients needs and will work diligently on your behalf to help your clients pay better golf.

The certificates come in books of 25 and each certificate has a value of $100.00. The certificates are attractive and contain all the necessary booking information for your clients. They make a great promotional tool to have available when the need arises.

Other uses include: birthdays, prize donations, incentives, retirements etc.

Instructional Video (DVD)

A very successful and cost effective promotional giveaway. Bill will produce a lesson DVD or a series of lesson DVDs that are great for handouts to those clients who would appreciate some professional swing tips. Production fee includes all video editing (voice over, music, etc.).

All rights to the DVD would be owned by your company. A very cost effective and unique giveaway.

Talk About Golf: Icebreaker

A great little break from the ordinary.

Bill has been invited on many occasions as a guest speaker at business seminars, conventions, tradeshows etc. Bill’s topics are informative, interactive, and most of all amusing. Bill pokes fun at golf and life in general and shows that sometimes they just don’t mix. Bill, in a light hearted manner, demonstrates how people try to learn the perfect swing and have a horrible time doing it... but they won’t admit it... ever! Bill will try to answer everyone’s questions about the golf swing and interact with his audience as often as possible.